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Study nutritional therapy at BCNH
At BCNH (UK College of Nutrition & Health) we teach nutritional medicine for the 21st century. Our nutritional therapy courses are based on the latest research, cutting edge technology and functional tests, as well as traditional dietary methods. Our aim is to offer the best nutrition education and promote public awareness of nutritional therapy within the UK.

Since the Industrial Revolution, mankind has drastically changed the food
it eats. New chemicals, drugs and industrial pollutants are constantly
finding their way into the food chain. What we eat can determine our
health for better or for worse. Our bodies are constantly subjected to
assaults by ‘foreign substances’, increasing the incidence of ‘modern’
diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and infertility. Years
of poor diet and lifestyle can sometimes cause irreversible damage. Optimum nutrition can help boost health and resistance to disease by modifying biochemical processes.

It is encouraging that a growing number of people are becoming nutrition conscious, with a growing desire to improve not just their health, but their quality of life.

Consequently a demand for highly qualified nutritional therapists is constantly growing.
If you are thinking about a career change or training to be a nutritional therapist, BCNH is one of the highest quality health care training providers in the UK, dedicated to training high quality nutrition practitioners.

Nutritional therapy courses
Distant learning nutrition courses - Degree courses in nutritional therapy
At BCNH we offer many types of courses in nutritional therapy courses for UK and international students alike:

• Distance learning nutrition courses
• Online nutrition courses
• Individual lectures and workshops
• Nutrition courses for health professionals
• Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
• Degree courses in nutritional therapy – BSc (Hons) accredited by Greenwich university
• Short nutrition courses
• Continuing professional development (CPD) courses
• Postgraduate nutrition courses

Students can study part-time, full time, on-line (Greenwich modules only) or combination (attendance and distance learning combined).

Our core course curriculum is based on the Nutritional Therapy Council’s (NTC) National Occupational Standards. Students will be able to register with their professional body upon their qualification.

BCNH is also an approved member of the NTC’s Schools Forum.